Juniper Bonsai
April 28, 2019
Orphic Vanilla
April 28, 2019

Rose Affair


The mesh of something so beautiful and delicate, juxtaposed with the darkness and mystery, creates Rose Affair – a True Masterpiece in Perfumery. Imagine a sombre brown coloured painting that been disrupted by just a single Red Line creating something utterly captivating. A Perfume based off the Dry Tobacco aroma seducing a Single Rose the results are Just Wow. Starting with the Woody Floral scents of the Arabian Rose mixed with Ceder wood. Sliding into the beautiful spicy and sweet blend of Patchouli, Vanilla and Honey topped with the Dry woody Tobacco and Musk will leave you longing for more.

Main Notes : Arabian Rose – Cedar Wood – Patchouli – Vanilla – Tobacco – Musk